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Passive Networking

We are a leader in the manufacturing and design of connectors and passive components for various industries and applications. Lightem In-line Attenuator is ideal for application where space is critical.


Fiber Optic Splitter

At Lightem, fiber optic Splitters are available in a selection of styles and sizes to separate or combine light with minimal loss. We help you to select the right one that most satisfies your need.

Fiber attenuator

Fiber Attenuator Terminator

Lightem attenuators come to you from a world class manufacturing facility plant, suitable for applications in computer networking, telecommunications and cable TV etc.



Lightem’s Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer (LFWDM) is a highly reliable micro-optical device based on thin-film, fiber technology with low insertion loss, wide bandwidth, high isolation and epoxy-free optical path.


Fused Biconic WDM (LWDM)

Lightem’s Fused Biconic wavelength Divison Multiplexer (FB WDM) can effectively combine and separate single mode signals at two wavelength ranges. 


Optical Isolator (LISO)

Lightem’s Optical Isolator, utilizing the Faraday effect of Magneto optical crystal, is a passive component which guides, optical light in one direction and resists the optical light in the backward direction.