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Fiber Optic Splitter​

In today’s optical network topologies, the advent of fiber optic splitter is significant in helping users maximize the performance of the optical network


plc splitter

  • Compact package convenient for small application & high density areas
  • Jacketing material rated to -40°C to +85° C
  • Bend insensitive G.657A fiber
  • Low insertion Loss and PDL
  • High polarization extinction ratio & excellent uniformity
  • Offering unique designs and configurations & supporting industry standard applications

Parameters Values
Operating Wavelength
1260 ~ 1650 nm
Fiber Type
Return Loss
>50 UPC or >55 APC dB
>55 dB
Input Length
>1.0 m
Output Length
>1.0 m
Operating Temperature
-40 ~ +85°C
Storage Temperature
-40 ~ +85°C
Multimode splitter

Multi mode splitter

  • Low insertion loss
  • Wide operating wavelength
  • Compact size
  • Excellent environmental & mechanical stability

Type Multimode Standard Fiber Couplers
Coupling Ratio
Max. Insertion Loss
3.5 (4.0)* dB
Uniformity (Max.)
0.6 dB
>40 dB
Operating Wavelength
600 ~ 1600 nm
Central Wavelength
850 or 1310 or 1550nm
Operating Temperature
-40 ~ +85°C
Fiber Type
Corning Multimode 50/125, 62.5/125 Fiber
Fiber Pigtail Length
1 or Custom on Request
Port Configuration
1x2 or 2x2
Package Dimension
Type A, Type B, Type C