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Visual Fault Identifiers

The VFI is an ideal tool for locating a large number of defects that occur at connection points in and around fiber cabinets which are hidden in an OTDRs “blind-spot” or dead-zone. 


HiLite Miniature Visual Fault Identifier from AFL

  • 650nm visible red laser source
  • High Power, 1 mW into 9/125 single-mode fiber
  • Key chain size
  • Universal 2.5 mm adapter included

VFI2 Visual Fault Identifier

  • Visible red laser source, 650 nm – Now with rugged protective boot!
  • High power, 1 mW into 9/125 single-mode fiber
  • Universal connector interface for quick connection
  • 2.5 mm Universal adapter for FC, SC, ST, etc.
  • 1.25 mm Universal adapter for LC & MU

MT Tracer (12-Fiber VFL and Display)

  • Viewing safe for eyes
  • CW or 2Hz (2 cycles per second) output
  • Direct connect – No fan-outs necessary

MFIS Multi-Fiber Identification System

  • Easy to use
  • Powered by common batteries
  • One-hand operation
  • Hand-held and lightweight
  • Three-year calibration interval